A Purpose Built Organization

Customer Success Team

During a recent conversation with our Leadership Team, we were discussing how to organize our team in the most effective manner.  It’s a pretty typical exercise we undertake every so often to make sure we keep our eye on the ball and don’t create barriers to our own success or put walls in the way of our team “Getting Work Done” for our clients.  This time it was different though.  One of our newer leaders threw out a question for the group.  His question was, “Are we focusing enough on organizing for the benefit of our customers or just to make it easy for us to manage reporting relationships?”  The question spurred a very stimulating conversation that did not end until we decided as a group that we have the best customers in the industry, and we should be investing in their success and organizing around our customers needs with Success Teams that have resources focused on supporting every aspect of the relationship.

Every one of our clients is unique in the value proposition they represent to their customers.  In order to fully understand that, we are building success teams around all of our strategic relationships in 2017.  Each team will be led by a Sr. Account Executive and a Program Manager.  This duo will build their team to include the a Solution Delivery Architect lead to handle scoping of engagements, an On Demand Services team specialist who understands dispatch and support processes for the client, and access to all of the project management, transition management, tools management, and service teams.  As our success grows, the Program Manager will build the operational team as required, adding in areas of focus, and finding ways to grow the business together.  All of this is overseen by an Executive Team Sponsor, who will meet with the team on a weekly basis to remain close to each of the accounts, and allocate resources as warranted.

High Wire is committed to the success of our partners, and grateful for the chance to provide services to some of the greatest customers in the industry.  We welcome the opportunity to show you how our Customer Success Teams can work to support your organization.

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Trust but Verify!

When implementing technology around the world, it is important to be able to validate the quality of the work being performed.  At High Wire Networks, we are constantly looking for ways to leverage the very same technologies we deploy to improve the customer experience.  One of our latest service improvements is the ability to leverage video for site surveys, quality control, and delivery checkout and sign off.  By leveraging a combination of several of our industry leading, cloud based tools, we can provide a narrated video to our clients to provide rich context to your service delivery event.  Video provides our clients with a full understanding of the work performed, a visual inspection of the work area and surroundings, and the ability to demonstrate a full cycle of the device that was installed.

High Wire Networks is constantly investing in the the best tools available to help us extend your brand to your clients, wherever they may be.  With video checkouts, you can verify the work meets your clients’ exacting standards and rest assured it was done right. Check out how the process works:

View the Video Checkout link

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